Medium, Callie Crawford

  is an international Psychic and Medium dedicated to serving the Divine. Her warm and natural approach make you feel like you are talking to an old friend, as a result you are open and ready to hear from the people you love.  Callie's amazing ability to blend and unite with the spirit world is very clear in her sessions as she naturally brings through a loved one's personality and habits with precise detail. So much so, Callie is known to feel like she knows your loved one's personally and feels blessed for the opportunity to bring forth messages from them to you. Her unique gifts have provided closure for people all over the world.

  "Medium ship and helping people is my ultimate passion in life. I encourage you to contact me if you have a desire to connect with your loved ones, including pets or if you are just looking for loving guidance from Spirit. Until we connect, please know that your loved ones are in a special place and they are all around you and loving you from beyond." - Callie Crawford. In addition to being able to connect to your loved ones, Callie possesses all of the "C's" and also uses tools such as cards and pendulum to ensure you are getting the most accurate love and general readings possible as well. Whether you need general, love, or twin flame readings or if you are interested in a Medium ship reading - please contact us today. We would love to join in your journey with you. 


Callie Crawford

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