Prior to having a reading with us. Please follow our guidelines.

1.  Make sure that you have prayed or meditated and feel peace about the psychic you are hiring to speak into your life.   Readings should not be "just a random choice".  This is your life and you want a reader who is authentic and cares about your life situation.  

2.  When you are ready for your psychic reading, make sure that you are in a quiet place and write down your questions.  It is easy to forget them, when you are in session with your psychic. 

3.  Before hiring make sure that you are open to hear the truth.  If you enter the reading with pre -concepts, you won't hear the truth.  What you feel in a crisis or conflict may be only your confusion and not at all , what is really happening.

4. Write down what the reader says  and then give yourself time to absorb your reading.

5.  Check back with your psychic, if the reading has you confused.  It is the psychic's job to make sure that you understand your reading. 

6.  Allow the predictions to unfold and check back with your psychic, as they unfold.